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Jasmine Tso, FINNOVASIA: “FTBL promotes mixed-gender basketball”

Jasmine Tso used to play volleyball when she was a kid, during her high school she tried out for the volleyball team. When she didn’t make it, she decided to give basketball a shot. Jasmine made it to the basketball team when she went to University and that’s when she started playing at a more competitive level, “I absolutely LOVED it!”, Jasmine said. The team was required to train three to four times a week and that kept Jasmine healthy.

Despite her height advantage and lack of experience, Jasmine really enjoys playing with her team. “I love the social aspect of the sport – through practising and training together, you get to know your teammates really well and form a very special bond!”, said Jasmine.

Jasmine Tso is back with FINNOVASIA for the second season of FTBL. Last season, Jasmine missed most of the games because of her injury but now she’s back and stronger than she was.

Jasmine reports on use of data and digitisation to Charles Li, CEO of HKEX

Jasmine works at HKEX, a leading financial market operator in the world. Jasmine is a Management Trainee in a team called Collaborative Intelligence & Analytics that focuses mainly on data and digitisation. Jasmine is currently working on designing, structuring and customizing financial information dashboards for management level consumption.

Jasmine was the only female player during the whole game and she had to play all 40 minutes of the game.

Jasmine recalls her best game was when they faced ZA. “I was quite nervous at first, but eventually got into the rhythm and made a couple of baskets too!” Jasmine said proudly. Jasmine had a lot of support from the team so she wouldn’t get tired easily. “I still remember that, during every time out, Autumn handed me my water bottle just so that I can reserve my energy from those five extra steps for the game!” Jasmine said.

Jasmine was most proud when FINNOVASIA played two female players on the court at the same time.

The game rules clearly specify that teams should play “at least one player player on the court” during the game and it is quite common that there would always be four male players and a female player lat most games. “Our game against Dragons, our team sent out two female players. It is a small thing to be celebrating, but it was definitely something I was proud of!”

“One of the coolest things about FTBL is that it promotes mixed-gender basketball.” said Jasmine. The only time Jasmine was able to play against other female players was at her university. “I think there has been some sort of stigma where girls would be a bit scared to play against guys, and it’s really great to see this barrier being broken!” Jasmine said with confidence.

Through playing in FTBL, Jasmine is becoming tougher and confident on and off the court. Catch her play with FINNOVASIA.



Favorite Basketball Player/NBA team

Stephen Curry of the Golden States Warriors. I really admire his work ethic, self-confidence and he has a way of maximising everyone around him during a game.

Where do you think you need to improve on?

Confidence. During a game, I am quite hesitant to take shots in the fear of missing them. I’m slowly learning to build this up over time with practice. My teammates have been super supportive and encourages me to take more shots!

What can you say about this league?

It’s such a great idea to get like-minded basketball enthusiasts who are working in the same industry together to sweat it out on the court!

Which team was the most challenging team to play against?

I did not personally play against them due to my injury, but FHub beat us during the playoffs last season, so probably them.

If you could play with another player from another team in one team, who would it be?

Anyone and everyone! There is always something new to learn from another player.

Which player do you think in FTBL is the hardest to guard?

Considering I’m not even 5’3, probably one of the taller guys… like Adam, Lukas or Justin.

What excites you the most in FTBL?

I love my team! It was by chance that I joined FINNOVASIA. I enjoy playing with my teammates.

Which team do you consider is the best team in FTBL?

Definitely FINNOVASIA, we have won all of our regular season games so far!

What can you say about your coach?

Calvin basically leads the team. He is super awesome – he knows what offensive and defensive plays to run, motivates the players to work hard and more importantly he ensures fairness by giving everyone an equal amount of playing time.

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