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Ken Shih, FTAHK: “I would give 1000% at every game”.

Ever since Ken was young, he loved basketball because of the team aspect. Ken played throughout his whole high school years and played recreationally at University. It’s been five years since Ken last played basketball before FTBL started and he’s glad to be back. Before Ken got his heart into Basketball, he was an avid tennis player, but he sure enjoys the team aspect more than an individual sport.

“Growing up in Hong Kong in the 80s, I was a huge Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls fan (still am).” said Ken. He became a New York Knicks fan when he moved to the U.S for University and work afterwards where he lived in Manhattan. “ To root for a team that rarely wins requires a different type of dedication as a fan.” Ken added.

Most importantly Ken is there to make his team & colleagues happy that will enable them to strive for more than just doing a job.

Ken is the head of Sales & Marketing of a leading algorithm-based robo (investment) advisor in Hong Kong called AQUMON. At work, he engages with clients/prospects digitally or in person and comes up with strategies on how to improve their offerings and reaches.

Ken is so dedicated to work on his fundamentals and improve on different skills, he hired a coach to train him weekly. “With any sport I just love training like a proper athlete.” Ken said. “As they say "success is where preparation meets opportunity".” Ken said with determination. Ken enjoys the preparation part the most and now he’s back in FTBL for the second season stronger and prepared.

Ken is back with FinTech Association of Hong Kong for the second season in FTBL. Recently, Ken and FTAHK experienced a tough loss against Purple Magic. “We did our homework and knew they were going to pressure us hard on defence and push fast breaks at every chance they got but still were unable to shut them down.” said Ken.

He imagines that FINNOVASIA would be the other tough team to play against. “They got a lot of height on their team, good athleticism and multiple true scoring threat” said Ken.

“I'm proud of the consistent improvement I see weekly with our team. I'm super proud of every one of my teammates.” Ken gladly says. “I just love the camaraderie amongst our teammates and everyone trying their best and putting everything on the line during the game. That excites me the most.” as Ken said proudly.

It shows that Ken really networked and socialized with his team and other players in the league.

Through FTBL, Ken was able to develop some business dealings with some of his teammates even though they don’t actually work together. Ken said that the most special thing about FTBL is that he found out his teammates had the same viewpoint and approach as him: “I would give 1000% at every game”.

Catch Ken and FinTech Association as they continue to play with heart in FTBL.



Is this your first time playing in the league? No it is not my first time. I joined during the inaugural FTBL season back in May of 2019.

What can you say about this league? Really grateful there is such a great opportunity to play basketball again and meet like minded people. I've developed a lot of new friendships from this league. Love it.

Which game was your best game? Sadly I don't think I've had a great individual game yet. I'm still anxiously waiting for that to officially happen.

If you could play with another player from another team in one team, who would it be? I think Melvin James from Positive Jaws would be a good choice. Plays hard, highly skilled but also has fun while doing it.

Other than your team, which team do you follow in FTBL? I actually follow all the teams and check the scores/stats periodically. Need to do your homework.

Which team do you consider is the best team in FTBL? AMTD Spiders. They have 2 borderline 'pro' players. Not sure they can be beat.

Which player do you think in FTBL is the hardest to guard? Byrant Austin from AMTD Spiders. Anyone that can score 68 points in a game while the entire opposing team only scored 67 points would fit the description as 'hardest to guard'.

What can you say about your coach? Musheer is the best. He was the one who brought us all together. Grateful for this opportunity


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