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That’s how basketball brings ZA together

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a process, working together is a success”

We were invited by Finnovasia to join the Hong Kong FinTech Basketball league competing against 11 other teams that comprise of banks and FinTech companies. I was charged with putting a team together in 2 weeks while taking on the role of team captain and coach. The best part of this journey is that the game of basketball has brought both our female and male colleagues together and witness our players who have no previous experience in playing the game devote 100% of their effort and time in practicing and competing. Teamwork is the beauty of basketball where you have five players on the court acting as one.

“We grow when we face challenges”

When it comes to tests of endurance, strength, and speed, there are physical limits especially when we face opponents that are quicker, stronger, taller and tougher than us. Despite some losses and a few injuries, the team has not stopped growing. The team has remained intensely focused on and off the court, from having film study sessions discussing the strategy before the game, to have each other’s back during the game. We are thankful for each new challenge when we face a different team because it will build our strength and character.

"Be different, together"

ZA basketball team is about communicating with each other, encouraging one and other and sacrificing personal glory for the common goal, from diving on the floor to scrambling for a loose ball. Every single time after each game, I look into our players’ eyes and they tell me that they have given it all they could, they have given it their best. There’s winning and losing but what is not acceptable to the team is quitting. We got closer together because of the game and we get to know each better. Our team is motivated to play unselfish, play hard and play TOGETHER. This is how we stay a consistent night in and night out and be in the hunt for every single game.


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