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The Cryps: “Always give your best”

The Cryps are back for the second season of FTBL. Introducing and representing the Cryps, point guard, acting captain and coach of the team- Rhadika Darbari. The Cryps is a mixture of players from different FinTech Companies in Hong Kong. Radhika is an experienced basketball coach but the last time she coached a team at Aston University.

Radhika is coaching FinTech executives and industry leaders to achieve their goals

Radhika Darbari is the Founder and CEO of HOLISTIC COACHING GROUP, a group of professional coaches that creates customized coaching packages to excel the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. On a daily basis, Radhika would be coaching upcoming leaders, executives and teams to achieve their goals using a number of tailor made journeys and specialists interventions.

The Cryps started off the season slow until they decided to make a few changes in the team. Now they have grown and started to win more games. “I am glad to say we rose to the challenge. It's important that teams and players get to know each other.” Radhika said. The Cryps would always come early before a game to talk about strategy, play preferences, strengths & weaknesses to be prepared ready. “We were good as individuals and as a team now, we are the ones to watch out for.” she said with confidence.

The toughest team that The Cryps had to face was AMTD Spider. Radhika was the only female during that game and had to pull through the whole 40 minutes of the game. The Cryps had to play against two professional basketball players who they thought had “compendable speed, skills, height and stamina” that made the game difficult to play. “We gave it our all, some more practise sessions and I think we could have nailed it.” Radhika said.

Even with a tough defeat against AMTD Spider, the Cryps’ best game was against Positive Jaws where they had a great scoring night and solid defense that game them a victory. “Never give up, never surrender and get back to the drawing board for a strategy.” said the Cryps. This game was also Radhika’s proudest moment when the Cryps were consistent in their offense and hustled on their defense.

A few words from Radhika to the rest of the teams and players in the league. “Focus on your game and your team's game. It is a team sport so we all have a role to play, be clear on your role, strengths & weaknesses and always communicate with each other.” Everyone has their personal goals but it’s important to let your teammates know so you can support each other.

“Never let your ego get in the way of your team's success. Master your strengths and improve your weaknesses.” Radhika said.

The Cryps will always stay positive and look forward to the games at FTBL. “Fingers crossed we'll be taking the title.” Radhika said confidently.

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