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WeLab: "FTBL helped us develop friendship and teamwork"

WeLab is back for the second season with FTBL. They're a team that is always complete as a squad and organization. Patrick Ng, WeLab's captain and point guard of team is on the road to leading the team to victory.

Ever since primary school days, Patrick already loved basketball. “Basketball is the most exciting sport to me and you never know who will win the game before it ends.” - said Patrick. He really enjoys the excitement and competitiveness in FTBL. “I always get excited when our team has to play against the strong teams in this league.” - Patrick said.

Patrick is the Software Engineer at WeLab, one of China’s leading mobile lending platforms in Hong Kong. WeLab is one of the first Virtual Banks established in Hong Kong that offers B2B enterprise solutions by partnering with traditional financial institutions and FinTech-enabled services to customers. Patrick focuses on assisting WeLab’s virtual bank software development on the payment area.

ZA was the most challenging game for Patrick and his team. “ZA is one of the strongest team in Group B in season two.” he commented.

Patrick also said “Although ZA doesn’t enough tall players like other teams, their point guard is great in passing and defence. They play well in terms of form and organization”. Patrick was proud of the team even though they loss.Although they didn’t win against ZA during that game, Patrick was most proud of his team during that matchup. “We are behind for 10 points in the fourth quarter. We cut down to three points with the help from our three-point shooter Kenneth.” - said Patrick.

WeLab would always come together weekly to train as a team.

Patrick hopes to continue improving and sharing his basketball skills and techniques with his team. Being the captain of the team, Patrick feels that he has more responsibilities to lead, organize and strategize. “In the coming season, I would like to focus more on demonstrating the leadership and executing different defensive and offensive forms.” Patrick said with determination. Their goal is to keep getting better individually and greater a s a whole team to prepare for the next season.

“FTBL definitely helped us accelerate with our daily work and communication with each other.” - Patrick said. Patrick was happy to play against other virtual bank teams and he hopes to see more cooperation between the companies and not just competitions in the future.



Is this your first time playing in the league?

This is my second time playing in the league. But I didn’t play much in the previous league.

Favorite Basketball Player/NBA team?

Kobe Bryant for sure, and that’s the reason why I still love Lakers nowadays.

Which game was your best game?

My most memorable game was against FTAHK in season 2. I scored 4/5 free throws in the game and free throws is my weakest area.

If you could play with another player from another team in one team, who would it be?

Calvin Angeles from Finnovasia. He is super fast and always give super nice assists.

Other than your team, which team do you follow in FTBL?

AMTDSpider. They have monster-like players in the team and they can dunk!

Which player do you think in FTBL is the hardest to guard?

Again that’s Calvin Angeles from FINNOVASIA. Super fast!

What can you say about your coach?

Actually we don’t have a coach at this moment and we do training ourselves. We hope to have a coach in the next season so we can perform better.


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