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Finnovasia Limited, Hillen Sports Limited ,"we", are organising the Fintech Basketball League ("FTBL"). 


FTBL is a community driven initiative. There are various rules, acknowledgments and waivers that you need to agree to, before participating in the FTBL. This is to ensure that we can continue to provide FTBL in a safe and effective manner.


Values of FTBL


We are looking forward to your involvement in the FTBL, and for the FTBL to help bring the Hong Kong FinTech community closer together! 


Some values underpin the FTBL. We expect all participants to adhere to and respect these values:

  • Social. The ultimate intention of the FTBL is for people within the FinTech industry to socialize after work and participate in team-building activities. This is not a professional competition, and it aims to bring together players of different age, skill level and gender.

  • Respect. Please ensure that you behave respectfully and appropriately while participating in the FTBL to other players, referees, staff and fans. We want everyone to have fun at FTBL, while playing in a responsible manner and considering the safety of both others and themselves.

  • Eligibility. Players in the FTBL must be over 18 years old and working full time in the financial services, technology or related industries. FTBL is a friendly amateur league, that does not accept professional basketball players. 


Acknowledgement and waiver of risks


By participating in FTBL, you agree to the following: 


  • Accidents and injuries may occur! Basketball is highly enjoyable, but it is a physical sport and injuries do happen. Please warm up and stretch before and after the game, and exercise appropriate responsibility and caution (both to yourself and other players) during games. 


  • Waiver of risks from you, and no liability for us. You accept all risks and losses (including personal injury, accidents, property damage or physical damage) arising from you playing in the FTBL, and we are not liable for any such risks and losses. You agree to indemnify us for any losses or damage incurred by us, arising from your participation in FTBL.

  • No insurance. We have not, and the FTBL does not provide, any accident, personal or third party insurance for any player, coach or team. Please organise your own medical or other insurance as required. 

  • Comply with FTBL's rules. The rules of FTBL are set out below. These rules are in place to ensure a fair, safe and fun competition. You agree to comply with all such rules in your participation in FTBL; if you do not agree to the FTBL rules, please do not play in the FTBL (and we may disallow you and your team from playing in the FTBL).

  • Changes to rules. Things change quickly from time to time, and we may need to change the FTBL's rules and schedule at any time to address changing circumstances (e.g. games may need to be rescheduled, or rules changed to address players' safety or other circumstances). We will, where reasonably practicable, give you prior notice, and consult the team captains within the FTBL, regarding such changes. 


Preventing injuries


Basketball can be exciting, fun and competitive but requires physical demands. It’s a contact

sport that can lead and result to different types of injuries. Most injuries are due to

awkward landings, too much contact, getting hit by the ball, improper use of equipment and playing gear, and most importantly not using the right techniques.

We recommend all players follow the below recommendations. We maintain the right to prohibit any teams or players from playing in the FTBL for any reason (acting reasonably), including for breach of any of these rules.

Preparing to play basketball:


  • Proper warm-up and stretching before and after playing

  • Wearing shoes that are designed for basketball.

  • If you have (or have a history of) any injuries, wearing appropriate protective gear and ensuring you are fully rehabilitated before returning to play.

  • Staying hydrated before, during and after each game.

  • Removing all accessories  (e.g jewellery, watches, earrings, sharp and heavy objects)

  • Maintaining appropriate fitness - risk of injury is higher when you are not

  • prepared physically.


Basketball safety during the game:


  • Avoid dangerous actions such as pulling shirts, shouldering, hitting, pushing, slapping, holding, elbowing, kneeing, kicking etc.

  • Being aware of surroundings when doing a physical move like boxing out, jumping high, dunking, blocking, diving for a loose ball etc.

  • If you start to feel pain of any kind, ask your coach or captain to get you off the court

  • and seek help from first aid

  • If you are injured, you should only return to play the game when clearance is granted by a health professional.

Other important safety rules:


  • Please do not play if you are feeling unwell

  • Players who have consumed alcohol before game are strictly not allowed to play.

  • Please be aware of and know your own health and physical abilities before playing (e.g. heart attack, asthma, epilepsy, seizure etc.)

  • Players are not advised to play after consuming a meal an hour (or less) before a game.

  • Always play with sportsmanship. Avoid taunting, teasing and offending teammates,

  • opponents, league organizers, referees and the public. We may ban any teams or players who are materially unsportsmanlike 


FTBL will be conducted in accordance with the following rules.

Game Duration

Each game will be 4 quarters, each quarter will be 10 minutes. Quarter 1 and 3 have one minute rest period, halftime time is 2 minutes.

All League Games are running clock except:


  • time outs(all time outs will be 1 minute each);

  • 4th quarter - last 2 minutes

  • overtime - last 1 minute.


Team Colours / Uniforms

The uniform of all team members shall consist of:

  • Shirts of the same dominant colour front and back as the shorts. If shirts have sleeves they must end above the elbow. Long sleeved shirts are not permitted. All players must tuck their shirts into their playing shorts. 'All-in-ones' are permitted.

  • The numbers shall be clearly visible. Teams may only use numbers 0 and 00 and from 1 to 99.

  • Teams must have a minimum of 2 sets of shirts. The first team named in the schedule (home team) shall wear light-coloured shirts (preferably white). The second team named in the schedule (visiting team) shall wear dark-coloured shirts. However, if the 2 teams agree, they may interchange the colours of the shirts.

  • Players should wear basic basketball attire which has been approved by the league.
    This includes:
    - proper basketball or athletic shorts 
    - no jewellery (e.g chains, metal bangles, rings) shall be worn during play.
    - finger nails of all players should be trimmed.


’No Draw’ Rule

Drawn matches are not allowed. In the event of a drawn game at the end of regular playing time:

  • In the regular season - “Golden free throw” will be used.

  • In the Finals, a single overtime of 5 minutes. If still tied at the end of overtime, the game will continue - first score wins.


‘No Show’ Rule / Forfeit

A ‘No Show’ is defined as a team not turning up for a fixture at all, or less than 4 players (with at least 1 female player) on the court ready to start within 5 minute of the scheduled starting time (i.e. – 9pm game tip off will be 9.05pm. Players must be ready and details provided by 9.05pm). At least one female player is required to be on the court from each team during each game.


After tip offs, if there are any injuries that leaves a team without a female player, 4 male players of that team may continue to play the game (i.e that team can only have 4 players on the court at any time)


Should a team be classified as a ‘no show’ for a fixture on the date organized then a forfeit shall be awarded to the opposing team with a 20-0 result shown on the website. 



Any errors or mistakes in scorekeeping by the scorekeeper or timekeeping by the timekeeper, involving the score, number of fouls, number of time-outs or time of the game, may be corrected by the officials at any time before the referee blows the final whistle for that game. The officials will notify both teams of such correction before doing so.

Should the teams concerned have any doubts on the above mentioned, coaches should approach the officials before the final whistle of that game. All results will be final as at that final whistle for that game, and there will be no appeals entertained after. 

League Referees

Two qualified referees organised by Hillen Sports for each game

League Scheduling Process

Schedule will be updated on the FTBL websites 9-10 day before (i.e. if game date is 22nd May, the FTBL website update on 13th or 14th May). We may use WhatsApp to communicate with relevant team captains in the case of any last-minute required changes to the schedule.

Team and Player Registration

All players will need to complete the e-registration form before their first game (this may be done by their team's captain). All teams are allowed to submit players for a game, up to 2 hours before that game, via the FTBL online system. Maximum 30 players is allowed per team's roster.


We will randomly check player eligibility by checking staff cards, HKID card or passport, to ensure that all players are registered on their roster and eligible to play.This will in particular apply for all playoff games.


Competition Format

Sixth season will have divisions of 8 teams each, round-robin with one finalist and also for 2nd and 3rd places + individual prizes for best performing players of the season


Match Results

Match Results will be updated the day following each game on the FTBL website.


Prizes and Awards

One champion and also for 2nd and 3rd places + individual prizes for best performing players of the season

Competition Regulations

Each group of teams will be in the form of round robin regular season, regular season tournament winner gets 2 points, loser gets 1 point and 0 points for forfeit.


Competition Infringements & Penalties

13.1 Teams shall always act in a sporting manner and should respect the officials’ decisions. When a team acts persistently against the FinTech Basketball League Rules and Regulations, the FinTech Basketball League Disciplinary Committee has the right to remove an offending team’s invitation to or eligibility for any FinTech Basketball League competition.

We may prohibit any team or player from playing in the FTBL at any time (acting reasonably), including for any breach of these rules.

13.2 The FinTech Basketball League does not condone nor permit swearing or aggressive behaviour directed at referees. Such incidents are considered un-sporting and unacceptable, and the referees are instructed to dismiss players for such acts. This rule extends to players, officials and spectators who are not on the court of play.

13.3 FinTech Basketball League officials and coaches are encouraged to inform the FinTech Basketball League Administration of any player, coaches or spectators who persistently breach the ‘FinTech Basketball League Code of Conduct’. In such circumstances the referees will complete an incident report. Should a referee feel the need to report a player, the player will be brought before the FinTech Basketball League Disciplinary Committee.

13.4 Any team playing an unregistered player will result in that game being awarded to the opposition 20 - 0. This is an automatic process without warning.

13.5 Any team playing an ineligible player will result in that game being awarded to the opposition 20 - 0. In addition, the infringing team will be deducted a further penalty of three points and the incident will be forwarded to the Disciplinary Committee.

13.6 A player who is ejected from a game (excluding 5 personal fouls) or receives a technical foul may be required to face the FinTech Basketball League Disciplinary Committee before their next league game.

13.7 Should a Coach be ejected during a game, the Coach shall not be allowed to coach the next game. Should a Coach be thrown out twice in one season the Coach will not be allowed at the court side for the next three games.

13.7.1 Coaches/Team Managers receiving a technical foul should may be reported to the FinTech Basketball League disciplinary committee. The FinTech Basketball League infringement penalties will also be applicable to the Coach / Manager

13.8 Fighting will not be tolerated in the FinTech Basketball League. Game Supervisors have the discretion to call the police if a player(s) engage in fighting and overly aggressive behaviour. Players ejected from the game MUST leave the gym facilities. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit by a team with the offending player. If both teams players ejected refuse to leave the gym then the Supervisor has the right to forfeit the game to which team he/she deems applicable.

13.9 Infringement Penalties – Where a player is required to attend a disciplinary meeting for ejections and / or any other reported offence, the committee will have the final penalty say.

13.10 Technical fouls process – A player ejected and/or receiving 2 technical fouls will automatically receive a 1 match suspension.

13.11 Unsportsmanlike foul process -  A player ejected and/or receiving 2 unsportsmanlike fouls will automatically receive a 1 match suspension.

13.12 A player ejected and/or receiving 1 technical foul plus 1 unsportsmanlike foul will automatically receive a 1 match suspension.

13.13 Fighting Penalties - Where a fight occurs then the following set rules apply. NOTE this is at the discretion of the league as to whether these are enough. The FinTech Basketball Leaguereserves the right to increase these suspensions at their discretion.

13.14 Reckless Behaviour – Players must show a ‘Duty of Care’ when playing matches. Player safety must be of primary importance. If a player is deemed to have shown excessive aggression and / or any other form of reckless play then the player/s may be deemed to have made an offence. This may be reviewable by the Disciplinary Committee

Appeal Process

All decisions will be determined by the FTBL at its sole discretion. We do not accept appeal.



All participants of the players and the team have a clear understanding of the accident in a basketball game, the collisions and injuries, we will not have to bear any responsibility.

Participating in any team competition by FinTech Basketball League held to incurred or cause any person (including third party) in money, accidental injury, or other physical damage, we will not have to bear any responsibility.

- FinTech Basketball League did not buy any accidents, personal and third party insurance of any team and the players, the players, coaches, assistant coaches, substitutes of members in the team during the competition accidentally injured, FinTech Basketball League will not have to bear any responsibility.

- FinTech Basketball League has the competence to make changes at any time in all the contents of the constitution, such after modifications without prior notice.

All matches shall be conducted in accordance with FIBA rules 2018 except for the committee approved modifications all on above


Please complete the form below if you agree with the terms above.

I acknowledge and agree with the terms in this "FTBL RULESRISK ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND WAIVER FORM"

Please provide your personal details (we will not share it with anyone)

Please provide below the emergency contact details 

Please complete the required details

You have successfully submitted your form

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