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What is Web3x3 ?

Welcome to FTBL Presents: Web3x3 Basketball Tournament! This mixed-tournament is designed to bring together those working in the FinTech and Web3 industry for a day of friendly 3v3 Basketball competition & networking. Whether you're a seasoned basketball player or just looking to have some fun, this tournament is the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and connect with other professionals in the industry!

Stay tuned for the next web3x3 tournament! 

Tournament Format & Eligibility Requirements

Web3x3 Tournament Match Format

-     ​10 Minute, half-court games

-     Running Clock

-     No timeouts

Web3x3 Grouping Format

Those who register INDIVIDUALLY will randomly be allocated in a group of 3. Those who register AS A TEAM will be placed in a random group of three other teams. Teams will be announced around one week before the tournament will take place. All players in a team will be from a different company to encourage networking. The round robin format will be used for the regular season games. Each team will be put into groups of 4, where they will battle against each other once. The top team from each group afterwards will advance into the playoffs. Playoffs will follow an elimination format (i.e. If the top team from Group 1 defeats the top team from Group 2 in their first playoff game, the top team from Group 2 is eliminated from the playoffs.)

Eligibility Requirements

​-      MUST be 18+

-      MUST be involved in the FinTech or Web3 industry

-      MUST have an HKID

Why should you join Web3x3?

Networking opportunities with FinTech & Web3 professionals through Sport
Группа 1 1.png
Receive a Limited Edition Web3x3 Jersey & chance to win $1000 USD worth of Alibaba Cloud Credits
Exclusive Access to the FTBL After-Party with FREE food & drinks
NFT Design.png
NFT ticket entitling you to exclusive perks for future competitions

(Tentative, subject to change)


20:00 - 20:15     Registration & Player Checking

20:15 - 21:15        FTBL S5 All-Stars Game

21:15 - 10:15         Web3x3 Regular Round Games

10:15 - 10:45        Web3x3 Playoff Round Games 


10:45 - 11:00        Awards Ceremony

Supporting Partners

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Interested to play in Web3x3?

Email or send a WhatsApp message to

+852 9072 9152!


How much is the tournament fee?

The tournament fee for INDIVIDUAL Registration is HK$300 per person. For TEAM Registration, the fee is HK$800 per team. Please note that team registration must have exactly 3 players enrolled to qualify as a team. Payment can be made via credit card or cryptocurrency through the above registration link. Please note the fee is non-refundable, so please only register if you can confirm your attendance to play on the day.

Is the tournament open to all genders?

Yes! As the only mixed-gender corporate league in Asia, FTBL strives to promote inclusivity and diversity, and welcomes all genders to join the Web3x3 Basketball Tournament.

What perks do I receive from the NFT Ticket?

Apart from being able to participate in the tournament, you can expect to receive exclusive access to the Web3x3 Basketball Tournament After-Party and other perks such as free merchandise and cross social media promotion on all FTBL social media platforms!

How are teams formed/grouped?

After registration closes, our team will group all players fairly based on individual skill level. While we aim for all teams to have 2 male players and 1 female player, there may be some teams with 3 male players if there are not enough females who sign up for this tournament.

When will the team/group formation & tournament schedule be released?

All details regarding teams, group formation, and tournament schedule will be released on June 12th 2023 (Monday).

Will there be space available to practice/shoot in-between games?

We will try our best to book enough courts to allow teams who are resting to have a chance to practice and shoot around on a separate court. However, at this stage, we are not able to guarantee this.

Am I expected to stay there for the full duration of the tournament?

It is strongly recommended for all teams to stay for the entirety of the tournament to attend the awards ceremony and after-party. However, if there is an urgent situation whereby you need to leave earlier, please inform a member of staff at the venue.

Can I join if I have never played in FTBL before?

Definitely! While we also invite those who are currently playing in FTBL, you can still sign up if you have never played in FTBL before. If you are a university student planning to pursue a career in the FinTech industry, you are also most welcome to register for this tournament.

Is there a contact person I can contact for further information?

Yes. Please contact +852 9072 9152 via WhatsApp for any further enquiries or information you would like to find out about the tournament.

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